TN Conservatives Fund first General Election endorsement

By Representative Susan Lynn

Dear friends,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to a remarkable candidate that, when elected, will join me at the legislature in standing up for state sovereignty, conservative Tennessee values, fiscal responsibility and low taxes.

Please meet Dr. Mark Green!

Mark is challenging incumbent Democrat Tim Barnes for State Senate in District 22, which  includes the city of Clarksville and all of Montgomery, Houston and Stewart Counties.  Mark is a constitutional conservative willing to stand up to the feds, a natural leader who will propose and lead on conservative legislation, a charismatic candidate with a great story and a keen campaigner with an understanding of how to win – and with your support, we hope to help him do just that!

As an Army Captain, Mark swore an oath to protect the United States Constitution, which he has done in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now the Constitution and the States are under attack in America by an unchecked federal government. Mark feels called to continue his service and to protect the Constitution and the role of the States by running for the State Senate.

Mark is an emergency medicine doctor, business owner, family man and Army veteran. Following his graduation from the famed military academy at West Point, Mark was an infantry officer and platoon leader.  He later earned his medical degree from Wright State University and was assigned as a special operations flight surgeon, where he served in two deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan.  A highlight of his career was during the capture of Saddam Hussein, at which time Dr. Green was on the scene to be the first doctor to examine the former dictator.  From 2004-2006 Dr. Green served as the emergency department medical director for Fort Campbell, KY’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital. In 2009 he opened a small business called Align MD, which is growing rapidly and now manages several emergency rooms.

Mark’s opponent is Tim Barnes, the man who actually lost the Democrat nomination in 2008 to Rosalind Kurita, but still ended up on the ballot because the Democrat Party was upset Kurita had voted for Ron Ramsey for Senate Speaker and stripped her of the nomination.  Fortunately for Barnes at the time there was no Republican opponent, but Barnes isn’t so fortunate now.  Not only is there a Republican opponent, but that Republican is a determined, outstanding candidate named Dr. Mark Green.  Help us replace Barnes with a great conservative by making a donation today!

Rep. Susan Lynn, Chairman

P.S. We expect to be announcing another endorsement on Saturday at the Statewide Tea Party & Liberty Group Summit in Chattanooga and we think you’re going to be very excited about that candidate as well.  Please make a donation today so we can present the candidate with a great contribution on Saturday!

Election results and what’s next

Ten weeks ago the Tennessee Conservatives Fund made our first ever full-fledged endorsement when we supported Scott Hughes for State Senate against Doug Overbey in the Republican primary.  I’m very proud of our efforts which resulted in a big impact in this race and helped Scott to earn 40% of the vote. Although not enough for victory, it is still an impressive achievement considering Overbey received an additional $100,000 from special interests to add to the $200,000 he already had in the bank, and spent more than $80,000 on radio and television ads alone.

Susan LynnThe most important take-away is that we had a huge impact by focusing our efforts and donations onto this one race in the primaries.  We were directly responsible for more than $3,000 in donations and substantial media buzz and indirectly responsible for several thousand more in donations.

We also received great news on election night – our Chairman Susan Lynn won the primary for the 57th House district with 68% of the vote, and since there is no Democrat in the race she will be officially elected to the Tennessee House of Representatives in November!  Congratulations, Susan!

What’s Next!

Over the next couple weeks we will be introducing you to the candidates to be endorsed by the Tennessee Conservatives Fund for the general election. I’m very excited about all the races we are considering and know you will be too.

Below are the criteria for the tightly limited number of races we will be supporting.  I hope you will go ahead and make a donation knowing that our candidates will meet 100% of the criteria listed here and will need your help to unseat the liberal Democrat incumbents they are challenging.

Campaign For Liberty – Scott Hughes the Clear Choice

Campaign for LibertyCampaign For Liberty gave Scott Hughes and his opponent the opportunity to answer the following questions.  We’re very proud of Scott’s stand for liberty, as seen below, and are not surprised that Overbey didn’t respond. [See all candidates' responses here]

  1. Will you oppose efforts to cooperate with a national ID card system and vote to block all state funding for and cooperation with any national ID scheme including Real ID and Pass ID programs?
    SCOTT:  Yes 

    DOUG:  No response

  2. Do you oppose the use of unmanned devices being used for law enforcement and used in order to fine citizens?
    SCOTT:  Yes, and I would sponsor such legislation 

    DOUG:  No response

  3. Will you support a “Constitutional Carry” bill that would allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm concealed without a permit?
    SCOTT: Yes, and I would sponsor such legislation 

    DOUG:  No response

  4. Will you support legislation to nullify ObamaCare and authorize state and local law enforcement to arrest federal officials attempting to implement the unconstitutional health care scheme known as ObamaCare?
    SCOTT:  Yes, and I would sponsor such legislation 

    DOUG:  No response 

  5. Will you support legislation to end the use of “no knock” warrants?
    SCOTT:  Yes 

    DOUG:  No response

  6. Will you support legislation that would allow TSA agents to be charged with sexual assault if they use invasive “pat-down” procedures?
    SCOTT:  Yes

    DOUG:  No response 

  7. Do you oppose taking federal money to create a state health insurance exchange?
    SCOTT:  Yes, and I would sponsor such legislation

    DOUG:  No response

Scott Hughes will not just vote for pro-liberty legislation, he will lead the fight by sponsoring several bills important to stopping the intrusive federal government and restoring the constitutional separation of powers.

Guess That Liberal!

Read below and see if you can figure out which liberal politician is being described…

- As a State Senator he supported government unions and he recently opposed Republicans when they tried to end union collective bargaining. [1]

- In the most recent campaign finance report he was the second largest recipient of PAC money from the teachers’ union (only the Democratic Party itself got more), and the largest recipient of any candidate. [2]

- He is trained as an attorney and opposed Republican attempts to enact lawsuit reform last year. [3 & 4]

- He supports a plan that allows a small group of attorneys to nominate judges rather than follow the clear intent of the constitution that calls for the election of judges. [5]  He even told legislators don’t use the Constitution as the basis for voting. [6]

 - When Republicans proposed a ban on teaching homosexuality and alternative sexual activities to public school children, he opposed them. [7]

Now he’s an unpopular liberal incumbent running for re-election.

  Can you guess this politician?!

If you guessed Barack Obama, you guessed wrong

The politician responsible for this disastrous record is Tennessee’s special-interest State Senator Doug Overbey.

You can see even more of Doug Overbey’s record at
The Tennessee Conservatives Fund is working to defeat Doug Overbey.  We’ve already spent more than $2,500 on this effort and need every dollar to make sure Overbey is defeated.  Chip in $10, $50, $100 or more today.

Fortunately, the voters of East Tennessee have a chance to replace Overbey with a great constitutional conservative named Scott Hughes!

Scott Hughes

Scott will stand up to the federal government and Obamacare and stand up to special interests like the labor unions and trial lawyers.  He’ll work to demagnetize Tennessee from illegal immigration, reduce taxes and regulation, protect 2nd Amendment rights, and he is passionately pro-life.

The Tennessee Conservatives Fund needs your help to elect Scott Hughes.  Chip in anything you can today.  Early voting has already started!

1. Tennessee General Assembly: SB0113
2. PAC Report at for Tennessee Educ Assn Fund for Children & Public Ed
3. Tennessee General Assembly:SB2638
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6. Tennessee General Assembly: Video, Senate Judiciary Committee – March 29, 2011
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State Senator tells legislators to ignore state constitution

We’re in a heated battle with a State Senator who actually told his fellow legislators on the Senate Judiciary Committee to ignore the words of the Tennessee Constitution when casting their votes.

We have this incredible statement captured on video!

During the 2011 legislative session Sen. Stacey Campfield and Rep. Glen Casada introduced SB127/HB173, a bill that would simply restore the constitutional requirement of electing Tennessee’s appellate and Supreme Court judges.  This bill and its conservative support made State Senator Doug Overbey very unhappy, as you will see in the video below.

The Tennessee Constitution is very clear about how new Supreme Court judges are chosen.  Article VI, Section 3 reads:

“The judges of the Supreme Court shall be elected
by the qualified voters of the state.”

Reasonable people may debate whether direct election is the best method, but what no reasonable person can claim is that the State Constitution says Supreme Court judges should be nominated by an unaccountable group of attorneys, approved by the Governor, and then only later face a “retention” election where there is no opponent and voters simply vote whether to retain the judge or not.  This latter method is called “The Tennessee Plan.”

We need more men and women elected who will honor and defend the Constitutions of our state and nation, not politicians or judges who try to get around the Constitution when it interferes with their plans or idea of how things “ought” to be, which is why we have endorsed Scott Hughes for State Senate.

Thanks in part to the rise of the Tea Parties, some of the state’s top Republican legislators came to realize that the current method used to choose Tennessee’s Supreme Court judges is blatantly unconstitutional.  The Governor has his own plan and is attempting to amend the Constitution to enact that plan, but until and unless the Constitution is amended we must abide by it’s clear, current wording!  Sen. Campfield and Rep. Casada proposed legislation to do just that, but Sen. Overbey objected and told his fellow legislators that they should not make an attempt to follow the Constitution as they understand it. See the video below.

Judiciary Committee Meeting 3/29/11:  Senator Overbey advises fellow legislators not to cast vote based on the Tennessee Constitution

I recommend watching the 21 minute video that can be found on the blog of Sen. Stacey Campfield, but you can see just the 3 minutes of Overbey’s speech (provided on YouTube by Campaign For Liberty) by clicking the image above.

The full 2 hour 45 minute video of the committee meeting is still available on Tennessee’s General Assembly website.

State Senator Doug Overbey is a lawyer.  Now we don’t have any ill-will towards that profession, but it is clear that Overbey prefers keeping power in the hands of lawyers and judges and away from the People and the legislature with his recent positions:

  • Opposed 2011 lawsuit reform (which passed anyway)
  • Opposed the popular election of judges as required by the state constitution in favor of judicial selection whereby lawyers select judicial nominees, and
  • Advised legislators to ignore the clear, unambiguous words of the Constitution and instead trust in judges with a vested interest.

Fortunately, Tennessee has a great conservative candidate in Scott Hughes who is NOT a pawn of lawyers and judges but is an independent thinker who knows what our State Constitution says.  We need your help to elect Scott Hughes – Please donate today!

Congratulations Wisconsin! (Overbey sides with unions)

Congratulations WisconsinI want to add my congratulations to the citizens of Wisconsin, who successfully fought off an all-out assault by the labor unions and are restoring the concepts of fiscal responsibility and free markets to their state.

In a related note, when the Republicans of Tennessee attempted to end union monopoly bargaining last year, Senator Doug Overbey broke from the Republicans and voted with the unions. 

If this were Wisconsin, Overbey would be siding with the liberal unions, socialists, demonstrators and Democrats!

Our endorsed candidate, Scott Hughes, has made it clear he will seek to remove union influence from our state’s classrooms.  Yet another huge reason your contribution is needed to fire Overbey and replace him with conservative Scott Hughes!

Scott Hughes for State Senate: Our first 2012 endorsement!

Scott Hughes for State Senate District 2

Scott HughesWe’ve scoured the state looking for the best race to trade-in a liberal incumbent for a strong conservative, and we think we’ve found it in Senate District 2, which is composed of Blount and Sevier Counties and the cities of Maryville, Sevierville and Gatlinburg.  This race is urgent because it is a tough primary with voting starting in less than two months.  It is likely the only primary in which we’ll endorse because we want to concentrate the money and efforts of our pro-liberty donors like you to make sure we win.

Scott Hughes is a conservative Republican who has become a favorite of Tea Parties across the state in his effort to unseat special-interest incumbent Doug Overbey, an attorney who frequently finds himself on the wrong side of limited-government, conservative legislation.

Scott is a full-fledged conservative who has vowed to protect life and Tennessee’s sovereignty under the Constitution.  He has a strong team of grassroots leaders and campaign veterans with backing from many in the local Republican Party like former State Senator Raymond Finney, Tennessee’s NRC Committeewoman Peggy Lambert and his treasurer State Representative Bo Henry.  Because there is no Democrat opponent in the general election, this primary battle is for all the marbles.

Scott is a family man who has been a pro-life leader for more than a decade.  He and his wife of 14 years, Raychel, have adopted four children, Tyler, Ansley, Blake and Gavin.  Scott is best known for his eight years running Hope Resource Center, the largest crisis pregnancy center in East Tennessee, before taking his current job as CFO of the Fuse Church in Knoxville.

Scott’s opponent has earned the ire of conservatives across the state.  Recently Overbey managed to kill the “Constitutional Sheriff” bill supported by most Tea Parties, sided with the unions in favor of collective bargaining, voted against school vouchers, and voted against term limits.  Overbey’s greatest accomplishment is his ability to obtain special interest money with 83 special interest PAC donations in the last half of 2011 alone, and dozens more donations from businesses and their owners seeking his favor. Despite this, Overbey is still one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the state due to his liberal record, and Scott and his team have been very successful in raising funds to counter Overbey’s special interest bank account.

We need to put an end to Overbey’s obstruction of conservative legislation and put a great conservative like Scott Hughes in his place.  Scott needs your help!  Donate today.

Susan Lynn returns as Chairman of TCF

Susan Lynn has become known as a lion of conservatism and states’ rights through her leadership in the Tennessee House of Representatives. We are proud to welcome her back as our Chairman in 2012 as we seek out more candidates who share our same profound beliefs in the U.S. Constitution and the principles of liberty, limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility.

We also wish her luck on her own election bid for State Representative of District 57.  To avoid any appearance of conflict, the Tennessee Conservatives Fund will not have any involvement in that race.

Redistricting & Filing Deadlines

Now that 2012 Redistricting is complete, and the filing deadline for 2012 state-level races has passed… our candidate search is heating up.  If you know of a constitutionalist who is seeking the State House or State Senate and opposing a liberal incumbent, please leave a comment with the details so we can investigate.

View the new State and Federal districts on the website of the Tennessee General Assembly

View the unofficial list of State House and State Senate candidates from the Tennessee Secretary of State

Major Victory for the Forces of Liberty on November 2, 2010!

NOVEMBER 3, 2010 — Last night was a major victory for the forces of liberty and the restoration of our Constitutional form of government. If you took time to campaign, donate, talk to your friends, make phone calls, or just forward emails… thank you.

Now is the time to congratulate yourself and to thank those around you who have also given much, but we must also prepare for the coming battles in the months and years ahead. A single election will not be enough to save our nation – not by a long shot. We must support and elect Constitution-loving conservatives over and over and over again.

Although the Tennessee Conservatives Fund was only founded five short weeks ago, we directed strong attention, volunteers, and contributions to all eight of the candidates we supported. In the future, with your help, our impact will be much larger.

Our future mission will be to seek out those candidates for state and federal offices who have a deep understanding and commitment to the U.S. Constitution, men and women who will stand up for the rights of individuals and the States as protected by the Tenth Amendment.

Make an investment today for the future of our nation.